Your professional partner

Since 1985, Diamond® plays a large part in the evolution of the professional catering equipment sector, the renowned and the success of the brand, supported by a state-of-the-heart organization, placed the company Diamond® in the TOP 5 of the European distribution with a turnover outpacing the 40 million euro.

In some years, the distribution of the Diamond® products has even exceeded the lines of Europe, to expand on the international plan. Present in more than 50 countries, with a 1200 dealer’s network – engineer who combine professionalism, experience and skills, in order to suggest custom-made solutions.

The Diamond® philosophy : to make easier your work while raising the productivity, and this, at the lowest cost.

Our worth :
• Respect of the customer: Stay tuned of his expects, analyze together the needs and do everything which is possible to satisfy him.
• Respect of the co-workers: A management and a working environment where the person “the men” are in the center. Diamond® Europe makes sure that they are able to stimulate their creativity, to support their motivation and to blossom within the company.
• Respect of the environment: Being ourselves integral parts of the environment, we make every effort to develop the company while saving the nature.

Some figures :
43 200 000 euro, Diamond® annual turnover.
7 600 000 euro, Diamond’s stock immediately deliverable.
5 030 000 euro, Diamond’s stockholder’s equity. 
620 000 euro, Diamond’s spare parts stock.
48 500 datasheets downloadable via the internet.
21 500m2, superfice de Diamond® Center.
18 595 “euro palettes”, logistic capacity of the Diamond® Center.
6 400 products, present in the Diamond® catalogue.
2 800 creations in Belgium, with Diamond® equipment.
1 200 dealers – engineers Diamond®.
105 production factories, for the Diamond® mark. 
72 co-workers Diamond®, in Belgium.
56 countries where the Diamond® mark is present