LM/60-120VV Sheeter on socle, 600x1200 mm - Variable speed

SHEETER ON SOCLE, 600x1200 mm
  • mm (BxDxH) : 2770(3290)x1060xh1170
  • kW : 0,75
  • Hp : 1.02
  • Volt : 400/3N 50-60Hz
  • kg : 292
  • M³ : 2,38


5.799,00 € Best cat

- Mechanical controls, mats manipulated by a lever arm.
- Base mounted version, 4 wheels, 2 fixed, 2 swivel wheels with brakes.
- Manual and pedal controls.
- Removable top flour bin.
- Removable tables.
- Lifting of safety grids assisted by pistons.
- Variable speed (10 rpm to 60 rpm), with Inverter.
- 1200x600 mm side tables (can be lifted or dismantled)
- Cylinder length 600 mm
- Opening of the cylinders from 0 - 50 mm, rolling diameter 80 mm.
- Travel speed 35 metres/minute
- Closed overall dimensions 620x1060xh2050
- Standard: 2 stainless steel harvesting terminals, 2 pastry rollers.

- Strips made with specific materials for food use.
- Precise regulation of the thickness of the dough sheet, constant production.
- Scrapers and supports made with specific materials (POM-C) for food use.
- Easy disassembly and reassembly of the scrapers, without tools.
- Chrome-plated and ground steel cylinders.
- Harvesting bin under the cylinders and under the mats.
- Belt with double direction of travel (Right & Left).
- Frame in painted steel (epoxy).
- Low voltage controls 24V.
- Emergency stop button type "punch".
- Roller protection grids, made of stainless steel.
- Traction system, self-lubricated.
- Superior flour bin.
- Possibility to raise the tables, to reduce the space required for storage.
- The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.

- Easy to use, quick cleaning, these are some of the advantages of our Diamond strip mills. Their robust construction and performance make them ideal for small and medium productions. They can be used to shape all types of pasta (puff pastry, shredded pastry, soft dough, buns, etc.). Manual and pedal controls, leaving the operator's hands free. Side tables that can be lifted or dismantled, moved and stored easily. Available with speed variator (standard with inverter, for more delicate processing)........ or with a single speed (standard). On request: cutting unit device, for croissants, biscuits, pizzas, etc.... (only for version with variable speed drive).