Frequently asked questions

To look for an article

The different ways to find an article are :

  • Browse throughproduct categories. The list is on the left site.
  • Choose on the Top of the page one search mode. Then by entering a keyword or item reference or a product name in the box. Then, by clicking su "GO".

How to make a quote / order

Above all, you must be logged into the site via a login and password. If you do not have one password, you must send us a registration form.

When you have youy login and password, enter them in the box provided therefor, located under the heading "Login"at top left. Then click "Enter. "

You can search for items, add them to your cart see the status thereof at any time by clicking "View Cart".

A fast encoding is provided. When you view your basket screen, above, there is an area where you can enter a reference and add it directly the basket without having to perform search.

To save your quote, you must enter a reference that you will to find it later. You also have the option to include a comment. Then click on "Save Quote". You can also directly transform On Order.

Retrouver un devis/une commande

Tous devis et commandes enregistrés sont visibles dans l'historique ( vous devez êtres authentifié via votre login/password).

L'historique se situe en dessous des rayons. Là vous pouvez tranformer un devis en commande, reprendre un devis et le modifier, l'effacer ou refaire un devis sur base d''une commande précédemment passée.

Remove a items of a quote

To remove an item from a quotation, it must bring its quantity to 0 and then click "Ok" (validate). Remember to save the quote again.

To erase an estimate

Seek the estimate to be erased in the history and click on “cancelling estimate”. That will then entirely be destroyed .