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Ref: SDG/6-CL
C Series

Gas oven direct steam and convection, 6x GN 1/1+Cleaning



  • mm (BxDxH) : 898x915xh808
  • kcal/h : 8600
  • kW : 0,25
  • Volt : 230/1N 50-60Hz
  • kg : 142
  • M³ : 1
- Oven "LENGTHWISE" payload plates GN 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and 1/1.
- Load capacity 30Kg.
- Lateral structures less than 65 mm "anti-tipping".
- Core temperature probe.
- NB: delivered without grids and without GN plates.

PLUS Version C :
- Direct steam injection (90% saturation).
- Sensitive key operation "digital display".
- 11 levels of regulation of humidification, cooking in 2 different phases.
- 2 speed regulators (full power/ with intermittently).
- Core temperature probe (1 sensor).
- Automatic pre-heating and rapid cooling of the cooking chamber (CCRR).
- "AUTO-CLEANING" integrated automatic cleaning (CCNA), 4 different cycles to choose from.

- Convection of 25° to 300°C.
- Steam 100°C.
- Mixed convection/steam from 25° to 250°C.
- Regeneration and maintaining temperature from 25° to 250°C.

- Interior and external made in stainless steel AISI 304, ceramic insulation made in thermo fibre, feet made in stainless steel. - Cooking chamber: entirely welded, total sealing, corners and angles rounded without asperities. Gasket fixed on the front face of cooking chamber. Pressing Fund which collects condensation towards the discharge. Structure carries easily removable platinum. diffusers of heat Easily dismountable. Motorized Oura largely dimensioned allowing all cooking's. Lighting on side allowing a comprehensive view of the cooking chamber. The design of the cooking chamber coupled to a side ventilator made in stainless steel AISI 304 (CCRR), guarantees a management and a uniform distribution and of heat.
- Doors double glazing: ergonomic and athermic handle, automatic closing with safety avoiding all accidental openings, recuperator of condensation integrated in the door, glazes interior rise on hinges, facilitating cleaning guaranteeing a perfect hygiene. A circulation of air enters the panes guaranteed a better thermo isolation. Micro switch for the stopping of the ventilator at the time of the opening. - Electric heating: circular heating elements in Stainless steel armor-plated placed behind the deflectors of the ventilator, steam by atomizer. - Control panel (thermostat from 25° to 300°C. - Timer from 1min to 8h, ...) with digital display: clear and logical design, frontal accessibility, facility and speed for the SAV, protection indicator IPX5 (against water jets).