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Ref: IND-35/DI
Induction Cooking

Induction plate 3,5 kW, tactile keys



  • mm (BxDxH) : 390x450xh72
  • kW : 3,5
  • Volt : 230/1N 50-60Hz
  • kg : 9
  • M³ : 0,04
- 4 mm plate, useful surface 390x370 mm.
- 220 mm inducer with cooling fan(s).
- Regulation over 20 positions of 100 W.
- 3500 W., 0-99 minutes timer.

- Black glass-ceramic plate, high temperature, 100% watertight.
- Stainless steel undercarriage AISI 304.
- Control by glass keyboard with tactile keys (detects the presence of the finger) with digital display composed by: On/Off switch.
- Washable filter, standard delivered (only IND-25/DI).
- Important: these appliances allow most of enameled sheet metal, cast-iron or stainless steel containers, pans with the sign "induction" as well.
- Adjustable jacks.
- Appliances are complied with the CE in force.

Principle of the INDUCTION: a bit of technique!
The heat is produced by a magnetic field directly inside the container. This field is electronically produced; there is no heating element which gives a high security. The cooking is practically done without any loss of heat; it is the most economic technology, the withdrawal of the container is enough to stop the cooking.
Three physical actions are so successively involved:
- The transfer of energy from the inductor to the container by electromagnetic way.
- The transformation of the electric energy in heat in the container by Joule effect.
- The transmission of the heat from the container to the food by thermal conduction.
This is a clean and ecological technology which is the most performing and effective by far.