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Ref: C6.5B/PM
Minicold ISO 80 PLUS

Room ISO 80, int. dim. 1840x1840xh1950 mm (6310 liters)



ROOM ISO 80 INT.DIM.1840x1840xh1950 MM
  • mm (BxDxH) : 2000x2000xh2110
  • kg : 364
  • M³ : 3,64
- Interior volume 6310 liters.
- Useful passage 720xh1860 mm.

- Galvanized steel panel recovered with a non-toxic plastic white film, food quality, polyurethane insulation injected at high density, eco-friendly (without CFC).
- Thickness of the wall, floor and ceiling = 80 mm.
- Locking of the panel by built-in "eccentric-gear" hooks.
- Anti-slip stainless steel floor.
- The angles and the corners of the floor, the ceiling and the walls are all at 135°, "sanitary".
- Very strong "bulging" door, reversible, "snap-fit" closing by magnetic joint (easy replacing without tools), hinges with stopping at 100° and closing of the doors with automatic recall, key lock, interior handle with safety device.
- Inner door equipped (standard) with a peripheral warming wire (with female plug) for T° -18° -25°C.
- Depression valve T° -18° -25°C (delivered standard).
- Peripheral exterior plinth in stainless steel.
- Appliances are complied with the CE in force.

- Impeccable finishing of the panel level, protection felt all around the panel (insulation in polyurethane non visible!!).
- The angles and the corners of the floor, the ceiling and the walls are all at 135°, "sanitary" and injected in the mass even on the panels, no rate molding!!... A 100% guaranteed hygiene and finishing!!
- Stainless steel floor " anti-slip " standing a charge of 1200 kg/m².
- The "peripheral" exterior plinth, designed in stainless steel, avoid any deteriorations of the panels, often caused by the using of detergent while cleaning the floor.
- Pre-assembly kit of the panel delivered standard, making it easier and faster...