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Ref: PFG-52/P
Convobis Line

Gas convection oven 5xEN(GN), automatic humidifier



  • mm (BxDxH) : 947x791xh745
  • kcal/h : 9050
  • kW : 0,6
  • Volt : 230/1N 50Hz
  • kg : 120
  • M³ : 0,79
- Internal dimensions 645x460xh400
- Standard equipment: 1 grid EN 600x400
- 1 "autoreverse" turbine

- Welded room in stainless steel (AISI 304).
- (Predisposition for fat filter), rounded edges and angles, pressed bottom with draining (possibility of closing).
- Removable carrying-plate structure (67 mm).
- Chimney for evacuation of the condensate, (manually) adjustable.
- Interior lighting.
- Built-in condensate bowl (on the door), connected directly to the discharge.
- Double glazing door (option: door with hinges on the right), interior window on hinges, ergonomic and athermal handle, automatic closing, (removable) gasket joint.
- Micro-switch to stop the fan when the door opens.
- Gas heating: stainless steel burner with stabilized flame, safety with thermocouples, automatic lighting by pilot light.
- Regulation from 50 to 270°C, timer from 1 to 120 min. (or) continuous, electronic thermometer.
- Safety thermostat.
- Manufactured in stainless steel.
- Adjustable stainless steel feet.
- Manufactured in line with the standards (CE) in force.

Everybody knows that "He who can do more, can do less"... Why should we content ourselves with the main thing, the mediocrity if we can have much more!!... ConvoBis, a new generation of ovens, (Polyvalents EN 600x400 & GN 1/1), homogeneous and fast cooking, delicate cooking, succeed also the finest ones.
- "Autoreverse" turbines, 2 ventilation speeds 1500/2800 turns/minutes.
- Automatic humidifier "nebulization", gradual regulation of the humidification level of the chamber.
- Big range of accessories, supports, levitation chamber...