Check the catalogue via our product space and do your online purchases, more than 5 400 references, meant for professional kitchens. Detailed specification sheets, user guides and installation guides … The whole thing in 6 languages, exploded views of the spare parts, electrical diagrams, and conformity certificates … Everything thanks to a simple click.
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Our logistic Diamond® Center, based in Brussels, in the heart of Europe, having a big infrastructure with a 2,8 km capacity, with a 9m height, allowing the storage of 16 600 euro palettes, having also 12 loading and discharging platforms, could work simultaneous, here are what makes Diamond® your perfect partner.

Research department

True experts to analyze, develop and create your projects, from the coverage of the study until the drawing up of the files “As Built”. Creation of the Diamond® establishments on CAD system, very professional and in 3D.

After-sale service

A staff of experimented and devoted technicians, having the knowledge and the required formation on the whole Diamond® equipment.
A Help Line service and a department of spare parts deliveries in 24/48 hours, in the whole Europe.

Master Class formation

Throughout the year, formations days are organized, in close collaboration with renowned chefs and engineers from different production factories, putting the functionality, the performances and the “PLUS” of the Diamond® equipments forward.